The valley of the Helhunds. A wide vale, white with snow and the dotting of thick pine forests. The place is filled with animals who wander restricted by the laws of nature. None who kill are without judgement, the judges are the Hunds of Lady Hel.
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 To The North

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PostSubject: To The North   To The North EmptySat Dec 03, 2011 4:08 am

Ezekiel led the way as Martini followed as fast as he could behind. Although they lost the scent trail of the solitary Smilodon they pursued, Ezekiel intended to take them into the thick of the forest. They both bark and howled warning to herds of deer, and passing groups of prey animals.

"AWWRRROOOOOOOOO" Ezekiels voice was strong, and traveled far. He summoned to him with all his strength any hund who wished to fight. While Martini whooped and barked warning to any who should hide or flee.
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Sandpiper & Kadence

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PostSubject: Re: To The North   To The North EmptyTue Oct 16, 2012 11:39 am

Kadence heard a very, very faint howl in the distance and he trotted Northward, howling back. Maybe they'll help kill them... He stopped himself, remembering he'd be easy pickings for the two killers in his part of the area. He turned and ran to where Mozart would be.
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To The North
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