The valley of the Helhunds. A wide vale, white with snow and the dotting of thick pine forests. The place is filled with animals who wander restricted by the laws of nature. None who kill are without judgement, the judges are the Hunds of Lady Hel.
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 Rayne's Rot

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Sandpiper & Kadence

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PostSubject: Rayne's Rot   Rayne's Rot EmptyThu Oct 04, 2012 6:34 am

This rot lives the closest to Hel's gate out of all the rots, a little less than two miles away from the outskirts of the Great forest, near the location of the Elk dieties, as the first leader, Rayne (he died of a sickness just before the Smilodemons came) was brave and a little foolish. After Rayne died, his son, Ansem took over, with the old seer, Kirin, as his advisor. They are on good terms with the creatures of the valley, especially the Feathines and Jotun Guard.

Hunds in this rot:
Ansem (me)*
Kirin (me)
Calina (me)

*just as a note, on deviantart, my username is shadow-fox-spirit

Kirin has a daughter named Sandpiper, but she's in Smol's rot.
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Rayne's Rot
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