The valley of the Helhunds. A wide vale, white with snow and the dotting of thick pine forests. The place is filled with animals who wander restricted by the laws of nature. None who kill are without judgement, the judges are the Hunds of Lady Hel.
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 Tree Cover

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PostSubject: Tree Cover   Tree Cover EmptyFri Sep 30, 2011 8:08 pm

the Small forested areas that home more mysterious creatures that live close to Hel's Gate.
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Ansem's paws twitched in his sleep as he dreamt of the lands where his rot dwelled. He dreamt of the Polar Bears, of the Jotun Guard, of the Sabers, of Garmr, and of Lady Hel herself. His amber eyes twitched behind his closed lids. His sister, Calina, however, could not sleep. She wandered outside into the forest, the heat making her head feel light as a feather. She stretched her mud-stained legs and continued on her exploration, the calls of the prey animals in the forest comforting in the sense that she was not alone. "It's been too long since I left the den..."
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Tree Cover
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